Vickie Stamback, Bear Creek Farms

Vicki was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma. She was always interested in plants and would dig up wild flowers and replant them in the yard. In high school she studied art and

was a self-taught weaver. After helping put her husband through school with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Civil Engineering, she began a degree in Landscape Architecture, which included both art and plants and in1988, graduated from Oklahoma State with a degree in Landscape Architecture. From 1988-1996 she had her own design-build business in Stillwater, doing many different things from planting 300# balled and burlap trees to installing interlocking brick paver drives and patios. In 1996 she started Bear Creek Farms. At that time there were no other cut flower growers in Oklahoma. She sold only what she grew, started with 2 greenhouses, but the majority of the production was in the field and ran from May-October. She focused on flowers that did not ship or just couldn’t be found anywhere. Later, four additional greenhouses were added to make year-round production

possible. In 2009 she began bringing in additional product from Miami and California. She brought in items customers asked for and what could not efficiently be grown in Oklahoma. She focused on materials from smaller family run farms for more variety and higher quality to enhance the year-round production. In the current operation of Bear Creek Farms, she focuses on biological insect control, has added tons and tons of manure and organic matter to the growing areas and grows everything as organically as she can. Vicki learns something new every day and loves what she does. She has experienced so many different things and seen some incredible sights in her years with Bear Creek.